Southampton County, VA


CAMP25 When School Is Out!

Camp experiences are essential to children for a myriad of reasons. Studies show that children who are involved in such activity are three times more likely to graduate high school and attend college. Children who have mentors are more likely to become mentors themselves and have a stronger sense of community and family. ​ Camp25 offers three great opportunities for children ages 4-17 to participate in these awesome activities. Our staff is full of seasoned professionals with years’ of experience working with youth. We look forward to seeing your kids soon!

One-Day Camps

One-Day Camps are essential for Camp25 to stay in touch with your kids and create a mentoring relationship with them. Throughout the year, One-Day Camps are offered in enrichment, physical activity, and extra-curricular opportunities. One-Day Camps are for kids ages 4-12.

Summer Splash

Summer Splash is a four-week summer camp hosted Monday-Thursday weekly. The Summer Splash camp features physical activity, healthy eating, education enrichment, and Field trips are often offered in addition to camp enrollment. Summer Splash Camp is for kids ages 4-12.

Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze is available during Spring Break each year and runs four days. Spring Breeze offers physical activity, healthy eating, educational enrichment, and motivational lessons. Spring Breeze Camp is for kids ages 4-12.