Southampton County, VA

About Us


Who is CAMP25?


Camp25 is a non-profit organization that provides camp opportunities for children while they are out of school. Camp25 was founded by Executive Director, Eric Benton in 2017 and was inspired by his 25-year friendship with a life-long friend.

These two community leaders began their friendship growing up on the same street, attending sports camps, and even 4-H Camp together. As adults they found themselves centered around camp experiences again, only this time as counselors and directors.

In 2017, Mr. Benton, a full-time Physical Education Teacher, was on the playground interacting with the kids. The kids began talking about summer break. When he joined the conversation he asked the kids individually, “what are your plans for summer break?” The number one answer he received was: “I am going to be at home and playing my video games.”

Mr. Benton felt compelled to provide an alternative for children and support parents in their endeavors to keep their kids safe and productive during the summer.

Camp25 Engineering Camp

We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our youth to grow intellectually and physically.



President, Mrs. Shakunda Edmonds

Treasurer, Mrs. Trina Jones

Secretary, Ms. Jenell Whitfield

Board Member, Mrs. Brandy Barnes

Board Member, Mrs. Pam Lease

Board Member, Mrs. Tomeka Wiggins

Board Member, Mr. Melvin Bradshaw

Director of Fundraising, Mrs. Deborah Parker


Camp25 Team Members

Mr. C.C. Cooper

Mr. Travis Parker

Mr. John Barnes

Mr. Eric Benton